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What we live for

Life should not only be lived, but above all be celebrated! 

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Über Valentina

Feel free to call me Vale 


I love bringing loved ones together. Be it my little cousin's birthday or my father's 3rd wedding - yes, my father has not given up on love yet. :)

For me, all of life is a celebration.

There are moments that you never forget, meet family and friends, make new acquaintances and experience the most beautiful emotions.

As an Italian, I'm happiest with a pizza and a glass of red wine.

I haven't yet been able to fulfill my dream of having my own wedding, but my dream of having two dogs has. 

My friend, who has had to endure my passionate singing for several years, appreciates my spontaneity and my open way of dealing with people. 


I'm looking forward to toasting a wonderful moment with you! 


About Michèle

Life is unique and one-of-a-kind and I want to enjoy every day with exactly this attitude. Preferably in Hawaii with a glass of gin and tonic, the sun on my skin and pure "joie de vivre". 

- Of course I'm also happy at home in Schlieren with my boyfriend :)

There is often a lot going on in our patchwork family and as the eldest of my four siblings, I like to be the one who pulls the string and has an open ear for everyone.

It is also a great passion of mine to surprise people and knock their socks off. The word "Impossible" does not appear in my dictionary and that's why it's my motto to make the impossible possible in every aspect of planning and in life. I am a cheerful, harmonious and very goal-oriented person and I love being able to create happy moments. 

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